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10 Times Elon Musk Tweets Gave Tesla Investors Migraines

Tesla billionaire Elon Musk is a reluctant media darling whose every tweet and comment is heavily scrutinized. Musk has chafed under the white-hot glare of the invasive press, leaving Tesla investors to sometimes question his mercurial leaders...

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BitWings ICO Reveals the First Ultra-Secure Mining Smartphone

Wings Mobile, the Spanish virtual mobile operator, has revealed the development of the world’s first ultra-secure, crypto-mining smartphone – “The Simply Sexy” Wings WX™ – which will have its official unveiling at the Mobile World Congress in...

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Bitmax.Io Offers a Great Alternative for Margin Traders

The cryptocurrency market has been slow this past month. There have been days where the price of Bitcoin has moved less than 1%, unusual for the typically volatile asset. With such little movement, major trading opportunities are few and far b...