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Coinnounce / coinnounce - 2 days ago

Apple going to launch its own blockchain soon?

Whenever mankind has found something new, creative minds have had the urge to explore more. With one relatable chain, all you get is a unified and unique product. And, what we do with that product? Let’s find out! Blockchain Technology Creativity is...

Coinnounce / coinnounce - 2 days ago

Internet of Things: A Guide for Beginners

Smart locks, thermostats, and cars are all items that you have been hearing about in recent times. You are going to hear more about them as time passes.  But, have you wondered why are they called smart? If we go to the basics, it will be easy for y...

Coinnounce / coinnounce - 2 days ago

Largest Banks Adopting Blockchain Technology

The world has seen a significant transition of cash currency to digital currency in the last few years. There has been a lot of innovations, new technology has evolved, new platforms have been developed etc. The competition in this space is very rig...